Daily Informal Discussions and Coffee

We will meet daily at 11:00 am in Founders Room, 1201, to discuss recent papers, yesterday's talks, specific topics, or listen to informal talks given by the program participants. To simplify things, this page will be eliminated, and all the information about the schedule can be found at a single location, the "Schedule" page. Everybody is still welcome to contribute talks and suggest topics. To avoid time conflicts, please email Andrey Vladimirov or Don Ellison, we will put your topic into the schedule.

Please put your name and topic into the table below if you would like to contribute to these meetings (more than 1 speaker is ok unless a long presentation is scheduled).

Speakers and Topics
Tue, Jul 28
Andrey Vladimirov would like to introduce the suggested format for organizing these meetings via the program wikispace.
Additional discussions welcome.
Wed, Jul 29

Thu, Jul 30

Fri, Jul 31
Mark Dieckmann: "Particle-in-Cell simulations in Astrophysics: Open issues, the numerical method and aspects of data visualization" (in SSR)
Mon, Aug 3

Tue, Aug 4
Matt van Adelsberg: "Constraints on electron/ion temperature equilibration in Balmer shocks" (informal discussion in FR)
Wed, Aug 5
Vincent Tatischeff: "Diffusive shock acceleration of cosmic rays in radio supernovae" (informal talk ~ 50 min, in Aud)
Thu, Aug 6

Fri, Aug 7
Jacco Vink & Eveline Helder: "H-alpha line width in SNRs" (in Aud)
Mon, Aug 10
Yves Gallant -- talk (in Aud)
Tue, Aug 11

Wed, Aug 12

Thu, Aug 13

Fri, Aug 14

Mon, Aug 17

Tue, Aug 18

Wed, Aug 19

Thu, Aug 20

Fri, Aug 21

Contact Andrey Vladimirov if you have questions or suggestions regarding the 11 am meetings.